C E O message

As opposed to unicellular organisms, multicellular organisms are formed by the aggregation of many cells. In multicellular organisms, the division of numerous functions is made by exchanges of information among cells to form tissues. Multiple tissues are combined to create a life-form. The extracellular material that contributes to information exchange among cells and the organization of cells into tissues is called extracellular matrix (ECM).

The composition of extracellular matrix differs greatly by tissue.

We intend to unravel the mystery of how life on earth evolved from unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms by studying the extracellular matrix of multicellular organisms.

Research on the extracellular matrix will also help to uncover the mystery of tissue formation in the genesis of an individual entity.

If the mechanism of tissue formation is clarified, it will be possible to find a means to repair tissues damaged by disease or injury.
We would like to contribute to the development of life science and medicine on the basis of the results of our research on the extracellular matrix.


Yamamoto Takuji