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 6 x 175μg (1050μg) 2 x 175μg (350μg)

Presentation  Liquid
 Storage Temp.  4°C (2°C-15°C)
 Shipping Temp.  4°C (2°C-15°C)

 892 012  892 011

 Concentration  0.5mg/mL (±10%)
 Purity (SDS Page)  > 95%
 Endotoxin Test  < 5 EU/mg
 Mycoplasma Test  Negative
 Sterility Test  Negative
 Integrin Binding Assay (kDa)  ≤ 10nM


Introductory Background:

In the human body, the laminin 511 isoform is instrumental to the growth and maintenance of hPSCs through its binding to cell receptors a6B1 integrin. The iMatrix™ product line is based on over a decade's worth of work of Dr. Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi of Osaka University and his lab's research into the extracellular matrix. iMatrix-511 allows for single-cell seeding at low density, and the cells show high motility allowing clonal survival. The cells become tighter, are arranged in a monolayer, and can grow near confluence. iMatrix-511MG easily enables extended culture of human pluripotent stem cells. With nearly 500 peer-reviewed publications and growing quickly, it has quickly become a gold standard for stem cell culture. For more background information on laminin and laminin E8 fragments please click here.

Our unique technology allows us to utilize the Pre-Mix Method, where you no longer have to coat your plates before seeding your cells. You no longer have to worry about long curing times or plates drying out. It also saves you money as this method requires about half the amount you would need for pre-coating. Do more with less! And quicker! This also makes iMatrix-511 perfect for utilization in automated systems by reducing steps and simplifying processes, especially when combined with our Scraper-Free Method.

iMatrix-511 works in virtually any stem  cell line, from iPSC to hESC and MSC. It is also available in a clinical grade version, iMatrix-511MG, and a low-cost version grown in silkworm cocoons, iMatrix-511Silk, which combined with our unique pre-mix method, is cheaper per well in a six-well plate than Matrigel (~$2.00 per well vs. ~$1.60 per well).

The clinical grade version of iMatrix-511, iMatrix-511MG, meets the Standards of Biological Ingredients by Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), a government agency in Japanese which is homologous to the FDA. .  The regulation is one of the strictest in the world and iMatrix-511MG not only fulfills regulatory requirements, it has since been used for a number of high-profile clinical applications in Japan. To learn more, please go to the iMatrix-511MG product page

iMatrix-511MG is also a GMP compatible and GMP adaptable resource. Our iMatrix™ products perfectly fit your workflow as you can easily move from basic research using our RUO iMatrix-511 to clinical use with iMatrix-511MG. With our clinical grade products you have the same versatility and benefits of our RUO products such as using the Pre-Mix Method saving you both time and money and the Scraper-Free Method increasing detachment efficiency and cell viability.

Ready to order or trying to figure out how much you need? See our Distributor list to order all our RUO products and contact us directly for ordering the clinical grade iMatrix-511MG. To see how much you may need, please see our iMatrix™ Calculator below. Manuals and Certificates of Analysis can be found found in the tab above or by clicking here. Have more questions? Please visit our FAQ or contact us directly if we haven't answered your question there.

Pre-Mix Method
Scraper-Free Method

Manual and Certificate of Analysis:
Manual and Certificate of Analysis
Colony Morphology of human iPS cells 201B7 over 7 days of culturing.

Flow cytometry showing expression of stem cells markers SSEA4 and Oct3/4 in 253G1 hiPSCs after ten passages on iMatrix-511. The blue curves are the controls and the red curves are anti-SSEA4 (left) and anti-OCT3/4 (right) respectively.

Normal karyotype (46, XX) found in 253G1 hiPSCs after ten passages.

(Miyazaki, et. al, Nature: Scientific Reports, 2017)
No differences in the efficiency of cell proliferation and condition when comparing pre-coating with iMatrix-511 and pre-mixing as can be seen in the data published and presented by Dr. Miyazaki in Nature: Scientific Reports, 2017.

(Miyazaki, Takamichi et al., Nature Communications, 2012)
Laminin E8 fragments support efficient adhesion and expansion of dissociated human pluripotent stem cells
We are currently working on searchable and easy to use database for all our peer-reviewed publications.
In the mean time, please use this link to Google Scholars for iMatrix-511 related publications.