Business model

Matrixome, Inc links leading research at Osaka University with the global market by utilizing our R&D capability. We contribute to the realization and development of regenerative medicine through breakthrough research of the matrixome.

Business flow

Matrixome, Inc. conducts applied research and development and creates practical applications for the results of research (“seeds”) at the Division of Matrixome Research and Application at the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University. Nippi, Inc. conducts the development and actual manufacturing of products and consigns the sale of finished products to Matrixome, Inc. (Quality control is carried out by Nippi, Inc.).
Matrixome, Inc. conducts promotion and sales of products and contributes to the further enrichment of research at the said Division by feeding the proceeds back to it.
The Division also intends to spread the concept of the matrixome widely by utilizing its research network among academic institutions.