COVID-19 Update

May 13th, 2021 (JST)

The global development, manufacture, and shipment of the COVID-19 vaccines has taken up much of the global bandwidth for raw materials and logistics in the recent months. This in turn has presented us with some challenges in our manufacturing processes and shipment of our clinical grade products. In the future, this may cause some delays in shipment and/or backorders and we wanted to inform our customers of the developing situation.

April 8th, 2020 (JST)

With the announcement by the Japanese Government of a State of Emergency in Tokyo, Osaka and 5 other prefectures and with the possible forthcoming instructions and measures from prefecture governments, many businesses and institutions may be impacted by this. In order to cooperate with the requests from the national and local government, there may be delays in our response and shipment of product. We will do our utmost to mitigate any delays while ensuring the safety of our staff and cooperating with the government.


March 25th, 2020 (JST)

To our customers:

Here at Matrixome, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and have taken necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees. We have put in place staggered work hours for employees who need to come into the labs/office, remote/telework, teleconferencing, social distancing, and currently following all protocols and guidance from the Japanese government. Even with the rate of infection dropping in Japan and the numbers of infected being relatively low, we are not letting our guard down and will continue to do our best.

Our manufacturing has not been affected by the pandemic thus far and we currently have ample supply to meet demand. We have been informed by our shipping partners, FedEx and Would Courier, that due to COVID-19 international shipment may be unstable, but they are doing their utmost to prevent any delays.

We hope all our customers and their friends and families all over the world stay safe and healthy.

For more information on prevention and the most up to date and accurate information on COVID-19 please visit the following websites:

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WHO (Multiple languages):

NIID (Japanese):

NIID (English):

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